In 2019 I participated in the Queensland University of Technology QUTex Transformation and Complex Change program which is sponsored by Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association (AusTTA). This program is for highly motivated individuals who are currently leaders, or aspiring leaders, of transformation in their own organisations or in providing transformation consulting services.

The program is delivered in four blended masterclasses which focus on recognising and responding to changes in the macro environment that will necessitate either a radically new business model, or a significant change in direction as an existing business model becomes unviable. This will require a very different set of leadership capabilities that can be acquired through participation in this program. Each masterclass consists of an online component and a weekend intensive comprising of interactive face-to-face workshops, with several group assignments.

This program leads to accreditation with AusTTA which was formed to certify an individual’s expertise and is the premier body for leaders of disruption and/or transformation. The aim is to help improve and transform both public and private organisation to maximise the associated benefits and minimise any distress.

AusTTA provides various membership levels that provide a pathway, based on evidenced experience and completion of the program, to becoming a Fellow Transformation Leader of the association. I am delighted to have undertaken this journey, with the AusTTA Board recently recognising me as a Fellow of Transformational Leadership (FTL). The membership has provided an opportunity to upskill and become part of great group of inspirational transformational leaders in the ever-changing world of business.

I am looking forward to continuing to support boards and businesses on their transformational journey and encourage you to consider joining and doing the course. I would be delighted to share further insights.

The Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association - AusTTA

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